Travel Tips, Tricks and Hacks

 Why use a travel agent? 

Travel Tips, Tricks and Hacks

Make Copies and/or photograph your Documents.

  • Passport

  • License

  • Birth Certificate

  • Flight Schedule

  • Reservations

    • Cruise​

    • Hotel

    • Tour

    • Resort

    • Train tickets

  • Travel Insurance Policy​

    • Contact number​

      • Policy Number​​​

  • Credit Cards​​

Document Photocopies

Don't walk around with your passport or any original documents, bring photo copies and a secondary photo ID like drivers license - Digital copies may not open or run out of battery.  Would you want to hand a stranger your cell phone to review your reservations on the street?

Stock Photo - US passport over a red, wh

Make a copy of everything and leave it home with you emergency contact

Should I exchange money before I leave?

  • You can, but chances are you're flying to your destination.  If you do, you'll likely have a very unfavorable exchange rate and only be able to get larger bills.

  • We recommend using a ATM when you arrive at your destination or using a money exchange desk.

    • This will ensure your cards work now that you're at your destination​ - and at worst case, allow easy contact to you bank to 'activate/verify'

How much cash should I have and carry around?

  • We recommend having enough local currency to buy a snack, a postcard, a taxi ride and lunch.  Typically around $50 equivalent

Currency Exchange

Get and use a dedicated credit card for all purchases over $20, make sure it is active and you contact your provider about your future travel plans.  In the event of a billing dispute; credit NOT debit are very good about disputing on your behalf.


Never use debit cards for purchases, you'll not likely get your money back in a dispute.

Power adapter vs converter?

  • A power adapter allows you to put you plug in a adapter that will go in a local outlet.  If your device doesn't have a built in step up/down, it may not work.​​

  • A power converter steps up or down the voltage and/or current to your devices specifications.


Typical devices that have built in (usable with adapter)

  • Cell phone, Tablet, Computer


Typical devices that need a converter

  • Shaver, Hair Dryer, Curling Iron, Electric toothbrush

Converter vs. Adapter

Call ahead or ask your travel agent about devices you are bringing.  The destination may have devices available onsite (hair dryer) or allow you to borrow/rent/buy a converter if needed.

Power Adapter.jpg

Avoid (If Possible) bringing electronics with rechargeable batteries

Prescriptions and medicine

  • Always keep medicine and prescriptions on your person in personal item or carry on.  Upon security checkpoints take it out and make TSA agents aware of prescriptions.  Typically bring double what you will need for a trip in the event you are unable to depart home as scheduled.

Mobility Devices

  • Airlines are required to check in wheel chairs and electric mobility scooters free of charge

  • Airlines are require to offer wheel chair assistance upon request without documentation or needs justification

Your travel agent can arrange mobility access, additional assistance and devices to be delivered to your destination.  Every R5 Travel agent is special needs certified.

Medicine - Persciptions

It is not currently mandatory to bring a doctors note to bring prescription medicine for personal use.  However it is highly recommended in the event this changes and/or you may been a emergency refill at your destination.

Medicine Prescription

Always keep prescriptions and medication in your carry on, bring a Doctors note and physician's phone number